Friday, January 27, 2017

THIS IS HOW WE DEFORM: Sherman Filterbank 2

A worthy addition to my Serge M-Class rack, this modular monster will take any signal input, and process/shape/mangle it into oblivion or nurture subtle textures, shapes and colors. Percussive sounds become sonic revelations that can be tweaked through a variety of parameters. Thoughtful, delicate knob turns give the best results, although random turns can achieve a surprising cacophony (or decimate one's speakers!). Fun. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


The MUJERADO ep is the latest collection of noise by HEENTodile,  released in a very limited (for good reason) edition of 9 copies. Fans of sounds produced by Buchla, Serge, and EMS instruments may indeed be interested. 

Monday, November 14, 2016


Canadian singer, songwriter, poet, and artist has finally been forced to face the certainty he'd met with doubt as a creative individual. He was one of the few of his generation who forged an old age  filled with new songs of dismay, passion,  politics, and finally a cranky resignation of his own mortality.

There's a lover in the story / But the story is still the same / There's a lullaby for suffering / And a paradox to blame / But it's written in the scriptures / And it's not some idle claim / You want it darker / We kill the flame

And while I did initially miss the stinging nylon-string guitar and orchestrations of his early albums (SONGS OF LEONARD COHEN 1967, SONGS FROM A ROOM 1969,  SONGS OF LOVE AND HATE 1971), his forays in to other forms (NEW SKIN FOR THE OLD CEREMONY 1974, DEATH OF A LADIES' MAN 1977),  and electronics (I'M YOUR MAN 1988,  THE FUTURE 1992) showed that a "folk singer" could be so much more.

YOU WANT IT DARKER was released a few weeks before his passing, and shows a man at peace with his struggles, but still willing to voice his truths.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Number seven differs in strategy from its predecessors as it was begun on a black ground, and needs superb lighting to be viewed properly. It was also approached in a somewhat looser manner, its gestures being broader and more speedily applied. Its seeming randomness is a plus, given good design doesn't necessarily produce good art. Enjoy.