Monday, November 14, 2016


Canadian singer, songwriter, poet, and artist has finally been forced to face the certainty he'd met with doubt as a creative individual. He was one of the few of his generation who forged an old age  filled with new songs of dismay, passion,  politics, and finally a cranky resignation of his own mortality.

There's a lover in the story / But the story is still the same / There's a lullaby for suffering / And a paradox to blame / But it's written in the scriptures / And it's not some idle claim / You want it darker / We kill the flame

And while I did initially miss the stinging nylon-string guitar and orchestrations of his early albums (SONGS OF LEONARD COHEN 1967, SONGS FROM A ROOM 1969,  SONGS OF LOVE AND HATE 1971), his forays in to other forms (NEW SKIN FOR THE OLD CEREMONY 1974, DEATH OF A LADIES' MAN 1977),  and electronics (I'M YOUR MAN 1988,  THE FUTURE 1992) showed that a "folk singer" could be so much more.

YOU WANT IT DARKER was released a few weeks before his passing, and shows a man at peace with his struggles, but still willing to voice his truths.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Number seven differs in strategy from its predecessors as it was begun on a black ground, and needs superb lighting to be viewed properly. It was also approached in a somewhat looser manner, its gestures being broader and more speedily applied. Its seeming randomness is a plus, given good design doesn't necessarily produce good art. Enjoy.


A yummy pasta dish for all you carb lovers out there! Asparagus with fresh tomatoes, sausage,  garlic, oil, and shallots (the magic ingredient in any garlic and oil preparation).