Tuesday, August 31, 2010


PULSE EMITTER is Daryl Groetsch,  an inhabitant of Portland, Oregon.  His sound projects run the gamut from harsh aural assaults to eerily transcendent soundscapes,  from the highly experimental to the beautifully approachable.  He graciously answered a few of my questions below.

AP:  Why do you use only modular synths? Which ones?

DG: i don't only use modular synths, i've been using keyboard synths more and more the past few years. on recent recordings, keyboard synths outweigh the modular. i still love the modular, but write more tonal material which is really tough on modular.

my modular is entirely hand built, modules by PAiA, MFOS, and CGS mostly. my keyboard synths are an Oberheim OB-8, an Ensoniq ESQ-1, and a Yamaha TX81Z.

AP:  Do you use any particular external effects?

DG:  i used to be obsessed with analog delays and layered them on everything, i have numerous ones. but they're on the shelf right now, lately i have been using only my Lexicon PCM-80.

AP:  Any new releases?

i've started a label recently (Expansive) and released a CD (Cosmic Images). http://expansive.synthnoise.com/

AP:  What is your art or music background?

DG:  my mom taught me guitar. i played bass in rock bands in high school and college, and in symphonic and marching bands as well. i have a bachelor of music composition from missouri state university. i started doing experimental electronic music in college in the 90's.



MEDITATIVE MUSIC 2 (2008 - self-released) CD-R

OPPRESSIVE NATURE (2009 -  Digitalis Recordings) CD

DECAYING SHIPS (2009 - Ultra Eczema) LP

COSMIC IMAGES (2010 - Expansive) CD

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