Thursday, August 12, 2010

EMS (Electronic Music Studios)

My last three posts presented a terrific little documentary about the times,  technology,  people,  accomplishments, and sad demise (yes, they're still functioning, but at a snail's pace) of EMS,  England's premier synth maker since 1969.  Since the oscillators of both the VCS3 and the Synthi AKS (of which I'm a proud owner) tend to drift,  only the brave,  the creatively unencumbered,  and the wealthy (present prices are beyond ridiculous) need apply.  If chance and variable pitch are part of your abstract musical endeavors, check one of these babies out.  Wendy Carlos did early on,  and was not too kind in her response to the EMS ethos.  Let's face it,  a Synthi AKS isn't playing "Switched-On Bach" any time too soon,  and why would you ever want that!

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