Tuesday, August 17, 2010

OSCILLATIONS: Releases By Astro and Demons

Recent listening has included two CD releases from 2007,  both of which rely on a particular analogue synth (an EMS Synthi A for Astro's ASTRAL ORANGE SUNSHINE,  and a pair of what I believe are Sequential Circuits Pro Ones on EVOCATION by Demons) for their oscillations and modulations.  The lengthly tracks on both CDs seem to share a timbral and structural feel reminiscent of Louis and Babe Barron's all electronic soundtrack for FORBIDDEN PLANET (1956).  While Astro's delayed Synthi drones tend to sometimes evaporate into tedious toxic clouds,  the Demons present ominous textures and elaborately "epileptic" noise structures that really capture the psychological dread of the film.  Strangely enough,  the high contrast,  color saturated,  and rigidly composed graphics found on the ASTRAL ORANGE SUNSHINE package belie its monochromatic drones.   EVOCATION's cover artwork showcases some faux Max Ernst decalcomania in tones of gray,  a sinewy forest of drips that suggest forms while at the same time obviating them.  Great stuff!

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