Saturday, September 4, 2010


On my trips to Italy,  Rome in particular,  I've always been struck by the sheer volume of imagery pertaining to the transitory nature of life in a culture that very much feeds on its fleeting pleasures.  It may seem ironic, but that acceptance of life's contrasts is certainly vital to living it to the fullest.  This genre of artistic creation and intention is called "Memento Mori",  and is loosely translated as "remember your mortality".  Fun, huh?  The tradition dates back to pre-Christian antiquity, but really took hold in the Christianity of Medieval Europe,  and helped put a somber face on Ash Wednesday.  Early Industrial Music seemed to have taken this imagery to its bosom and tumbled it into cliche later in its development (much like its screaming processed voices and no fun attitude).  Another vital idea shorn of its power.

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