Monday, September 27, 2010


Der Zyklus is another sub-project by Dopplereffekt's Heinrich Mueller (Gerald Donald),  whose penchant for science-related subject matter is again in full bloom here. The words "biometry" and "biostatistics" refer to the application of statistics to a wide range of topics in biology. How this relates to the music is a mystery to me,  but there may be a manifesto here somewhere,  possibly within "Biometric ID",  a spoken-word stab at significance.  In terms of sound,  BIOMETRY goes well beyond the Electro of early Dopplereffekt and the Industrial influences of latter day releases like CALABI YOU SPACE.  The tracks here often rely on repetitive motifs,  but with a greater emphasis on texture,  tonal color,  and abstraction.  A high point for this man of many alias.

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