Saturday, September 18, 2010


One of my favorite German sequencer-driven records,  and as it's from 1981 (first released as a double album) it easily stands out as a very early and influential example of the various Electronicas that were to come. Everything from techno to ambient to Raster Noton is hinted at here.  This is music that is both rhythmically hypnotic and textural,  and certainly does not speak in any kind of monotone at all. Track three,  "Water" even boasts something that could be called a vocal.  That voice,  which I assume is auteur  Konrad Becker,  makes appearances sparingly throughout the track list.  Here are sound pieces that are not in any way cold or analytical,  yet still suggest a forbidding landscape alive with physical and mental dangers. The comforting repetition almost always reveals slowly moving menacing drones that sometimes even echo a human voice.  An inviting presence,  but beware!

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