Tuesday, September 21, 2010

OSCILLATIONS: SOME VELVET MORNING by Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood

While this 1968 nugget may not be cathartic noise,  it does have a kind of ambiguous hypnagogic (you really must love that word!) poetry that sets it apart from other psychedelic epics of its time and gets right under your skin without resorting to pop cliche.  It is absolutely one of my favorite duets,  and in keeping with its time,  seems to combine mysticism,  Greek mythology,  and Freudian psychology into a gorgeously inventive arrangement full of contrasts and contradictions.  The vocals form a male/female duel that results in a kind of gender consolidation that would have psychologists' tongues wagging for ages.  An entity name Phaedra  makes several appearances,  and she/he is the light that listeners follow until the song's dramatically unresolved end.  The word Phaedra is derived from the greek word for "bright",  but does little to illuminate meaning here,  and that's just about perfect. Enjoy.

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