Wednesday, September 22, 2010


One of the most compact, affordable,  and functional of modular synths,  the Serge Creature is rightly described as "a box of monkeys"  by Rex Probe,  President of Sound Transform Systems,  the company that carries on the legacy of Serge Tcherepnin.  Rex's colorful description may seem ridiculous to some,  but the Creature is a synth of great depth,  little documentation,  incredible patching potential,  and surprising unpredictability.  He told me that he often uses it as a relaxation tool after a hectic day of business,  allowing those "monkeys"  full voice...  oh, really?  Ironically,  those monkeys feed on a steady diet of stackable banana cables,  making experimentation quicker, easier,  and perhaps even more relaxing (especially when compared to the quarter-inch or eighth-inch forests one often finds on modular synths).  My Creature is joined by the Serge Sequencer A,  making for quirky sound chains and even more chaos.  These two M-Class "M-Odules" seem the perfect start for anyone wanting to experience the Serge sound creation ethic,  an ethic based on both quality and simian playfulness. A perfect combo!

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