Sunday, September 26, 2010

TWISTED: The Sequential Circuits Pro One

I must confess to preferring a sea of knobs over a poorly lit menu any day of the week.  And while the keyboard on my late model Pro One is very much unusable in a traditional sense,  it does function well as a method of triggering notes when creating a sequence or arpeggiation.  Once that is accomplished,  one is free to twist those sounds into bizarre shapes using the Pro One's modulation section knobs or routing that job to the mod wheel.  Its dual oscillator design makes this one powerful little monosynth,  capable of beefy bass lines and equally subtle or scary analog noise-making.  The Pro One was in production between 1981-84,  and was the company's best selling instrument.  No midi,  no polyphony,  no problem.  Snap one up if you can.

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