Saturday, October 9, 2010

FROM MY STUDIO: The Roland SH-101

Tired of the inflated prices and reputation of the Roland TB-303? The solution:  pick up an SH-101 for a fraction of the price and immerse yourself in a similarly bassy,  squelchy Acid pool.  This powerful monophonic was in production between 1982 and 1886,  with 50,000 units hitting the streets,  hence they're readily available on Ebay at reasonable prices.  You could even grab one equipped with the modulation grip if you have some kind of weird Eighties fetish for keytar and big hair action... yuck!  Besides gray,  it was also available in a garish blue and an equally repulsive red (ah, the tasteful Eighties!).  Its two and a half octave keyboard is easy to play home or away,  thanks to the optional battery power.  The inclusion of an arpeggiator and a simple sequencer make this single oscillator beauty even more inviting.  Of course there is no midi,  but who cares when this member of Roland's SH tribe is so expressive,  portable,  and fun all on its own?!!

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