Sunday, October 10, 2010


Another day,  another addition to a studio already overburdened with strange and wonderful sound-making  machinery.  This time it's from those providers of Wisconsin (via the west coast) banana-cabled contraptions aptly named Sound Transform Systems or simply Serge.  Like Buchla,  STS offers a non-moving capacitive keyboard (and sequencer) rolled into a neat little box called the TKB.  And to make things even more interesting, STS honcho Rex Probe doesn't include manuals with his boxes of monkeys,  as words like play, chance,  and happy accident perfectly describe his approach to synthesis.  During one of our phone conversations,  we both agreed that adding a quantizer to the TKB just wasn't in the spirit of cajoling chaos from this machinery.  Long may this sensibility prosper! Who says that electronic music need be humorless?  Now it's time to slowly wreak havoc with a forest of bananas!

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