Sunday, October 31, 2010

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Serge Dual Oscillator & Wave Processor

I'm in the process of adding two new M-odules to my Serge Modular system,  a collection of somewhat incomprehensible, but ultimately rewarding synthesis and modulation devices.  Most Moogs and Arps seem fairly easy to understand when confronted with their knobs, sliders, pitchwheels,  and traditional keyboards,  but Serge Modular (like Buchla) is something of a different language that needs experimentation to come alive and be fully appreciated.  The Dual Oscillator contains the New Timbral Oscillator and the Precision VCO,  a combination that yields a dazzling variety of sounds,  sounds that can be furthered mangled with the Ring Mod, Triple Waveshaper,  and Wave Multipliers of the Wave Processor.  Who knows what will happen when they encounter the Creature/Seq A/TKB combo? Videos to follow.  Many thanks to Rex Probe and my fellow Sergians at Quadslope for their invaluable help and inspiration.

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