Sunday, November 7, 2010


Seth Horvitz released (via Mille Plateaux) this exploratory bit of techno in 2000,  and it still holds up today as an essential listen for those of us interested in the manipulation of sound beyond the confines of the dance floor.  Its eleven untitled tracks form a clash between the 4:4 beat of techno and accompanying clouds of static,  noise,  field recordings,  and abstract sonic shapes.  Apparently the source material for these tracks was processed via computer to the point where a kind of haunted minimalism emerged,  leaving these spare tracks with suggestions of psychological displacement and premonitions of future menace.  Some tracks make their point without any beat pushing them along,  grasping and tearing as if suspended in a tangle of textures.  If you like your music with hints of noise,  dub,  musique concrete,  and laptop tinkering,  give this innovative release a listen.

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  1. I love this recording, but lost my copy years ago - do you have it for download?