Sunday, December 12, 2010

NEW ADDITION: the Buchla 200e

Here's another complicated device added to an already over-burdened studio,  and I'm loving it.  This Buchla instrument includes the following modules:  1) the Arbitrary Function Generator,  which is essentially a 16-stage sequencer offering incredible programming possibilities,  2) the Complex Waveform Generator,  a principal oscillator and a modulation oscillator,  3) the Quad Function Generator,  an envelope generator of sorts,  4) the Quad Dynamics Manager,  which helps route signals and control voltages,  and finally,  5)  the Triple Morphing Filter,  which will eventually become self-explanatory as I sink deeper into this sea of possibilities.  Many thanks to ether^ra,  Jason Butcher,  and especially Don Hassler for their invaluable assistance in dealing with my initial confusion.  Videos to follow.

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