Sunday, April 10, 2011

THE TALE OF A BROKEN BUCHLA: Distress and Design

It was to be a quick exchange of modules from my two original powered boats to a very nice powered cabinet,  the 201e-18.  But alas,  the harsh machinations of shipping via UPS (or FedEx for that matter) saw that it arrived in pieces,  which didn't surprise me considering their less than exemplary history delivering to my house.  I immediately called Don Buchla to report the damage,  which led him to consider a design change to the cabinet.  Has this kind of breakage happened before?  The folks at Muff Wiggler never mention cabinet damage in their vast and informative archives.  Hmmmm.  Well,  the broken cabinet minus thirteen modules was sent back to Buchla and Associates courtesy the company (thanks Don!)  and a re-designed replacement sent back to this weary,  200e deprived noise boy.  Thanks again,  Don and Jon!  I must say that I very much like the new snaps and leather belt version of the 201e,  with its cleaner look and easy removal.  See accompanying photos and decide for yourself.

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