Friday, June 3, 2011


A 24-panel powered cabinet arrived yesterday and should prove to be an invaluable addition to my sonic arsenal once it is filled.  While the idea of having that many modules available for use may seem intimidating or even dizzying at first,  its potential is definitely appreciated.  The only module connected at the time of this photo is a Buchla 285e Frequency Shifter.  Nice.

The upper pic is an additional view,  this time after the cabinet had been filled with Buchla modules and blanks awaiting new modules from Buchla or other designer/engineers.  Those oscillation,  modulation,  and triggering sources are,  from top to bottom,  left to right:

    285e,  281e, 292e,  250e,  222e control module,  291e,  256e,  206e,  261e,  266e,  259e,  297, 222e

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