Thursday, June 23, 2011


I must say that my initial impression of this release was indifference,  but after repeated listenings PARANORMALE ACTIVITAT strikes me as both highly listenable and spookily seductive. Its basic premise is the quasi-relationship between protoplasm and electricity.  This contrivance is no surprise given Zwischenwelt's connection to producer and musician Gerald Donald (Drexcija,  Dopplereffekt,  etc.) and the pseudo-scientific conceits he's produced in the past.  His Kraftwerk fixation is also evident here in the music's simple sequences and spacious sound,  but these tracks have more atmospheric moments than his primary influence. This really is the sound of electricity,  an invisible force whose immateriality still has the force to effect us.  Titles like "Telekinesis",  "Materialization",  and "Clairvoyant"  act as catch-phrases,  much like in Kraftwerk's recorded output.  Vocals,  when they appear,  are emotionless,  and inhabit a place somewhere between singing and speaking.  The group includes DJ & producer Susana Correia,  Penelope Martin,  and vocalist Beta Evers,  although this could easily be a  Dopplereffekt release.  "Zwischenwelt" is translated from the german as "between world",  and it's just that quality of being transmitted from the ether that makes this CD compelling.

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