Friday, October 7, 2011

NEW TOY: Buchla 296e

The latest in a series of daring additions to my Buchla 200e fixation is the Model 296e module,  or more precisely the Spectral Processor.  This double-sized module is a 16 channel bandpass filter with both visual analysis and synthesis capability. There seems to be limited information about this unit on the web mostly due to its somewhat prohibitive price,  but given the myriad possibilities inherent in all Buchla modules that is a small consideration. Ultimately this is an expressive tool that makes an already wonderfully expressive instrument even more so.  As a painter I cherish the happy accidents that lead to creative epiphanies,  and those are the kind of thrills I live out with my 200e. While the language of synthesis generally goes beyond certainty for me,  it is the mystery of intangible sonic forms and fleeting processes that become its invitation.  And keep in mind,  the lights are really cool too!

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