Saturday, November 12, 2011

APPS: DM1 The Drum Machine by Fingerlab

If you'd like to own an arsenal of mainly vintage drum machines without incurring some serious financial damage,  this may be just the app you're looking for.  I was looking for a Roland CR-78 (you know,  that fabled machine that formed the backbone of John Foxx's classic METAMATIC album from 1980),  and found its beefy sounding virtual version here,  along with other sought after "beat boxes" like the TR-808 and 606.  I prefer the retro sounds I got effortlessly from rhythm generators by Farfisa and Wurlitzer.  They brought me right back to the gritty glory days of early Cabaret Voltaire. While I do own a Roland TR-55 (1972),  an early analogue drum machine with wonderful beats ,  but limited capabilities,  I will return to this app for the possibilities it presents. BTW, the TR stands for "transistor rhythm",  which gives you a good idea at how far we've travelled technologically.

DM1 - The Drum Machine for iPad - By Fingerlab from Fingerlab on Vimeo.

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