Thursday, December 15, 2011

NEW CDr: DELPHINE & CAGE by This Second Sleep

This brief CDr (14 tracks totaling a bit over 18 minutes) is my first release under the name This Second Sleep.  Its title refers to John Cage (whose ideas about listening, chance, and silence were an early influence),  Delphine Seyrig (actress,  director,  and feminist) ,  and the Delphic Oracle (run by a priestess of Apollo, who was consulted on various matters,  both earthy and divine).  This combination of logic/the irrational and  masculine/feminine seems the creative currency all artists should capitalize on.  A balancing act would generally ensue in which chance and intention are embraced and made use of.    The instruments used for this recording were my Buchla 200e and Serge M-Class modular.   Given that my approach to these very complex and perplexing instruments favors accident over techo-speak,  the resulting "noise" gives new meaning to ideas about both beauty and irritation.  Track titles are:

These very brief tracks,  some as short as a minute, are more like sketches than anything else.  It seems to me that noise often outstays its welcome and in doing so,  loses its power to shock,  as well as its potential for a kind of hardened lyricism. Opener "Three-Headed Figure #1 (remix)" gleans its chaotic percussive punch from its contrasting intro,  a gently transparent textural figure.  "Zanti" breathes and percolates like a giant ant hill,  much like its inspiration,  1962's OUTER LIMITS' episode,  "The Zanti Misfits".   And so it goes... in twists and turns                      

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