Thursday, April 26, 2012


Well,  I've kind of exhausted (not really) my addiction to all things Buchla and Serge,  not only because of their somewhat prohibitive pricing,  but also due to a real or imagined limitation with these formats when it comes to new module development/design (many thanks to Jason Butcher,  Chris Muir,  and Mark Verbos for their efforts beyond the inner circle).  Yes,  they are very deep instruments,  and they'll always be part of my sonic arsenal,  but I want more options.  To this end,  I've taken up the Eurorack gauntlet as format of choice,  and have dove head first into the plethora of modules,  manufacturers,  and designs that are available at very reasonable prices (check Analogue Haven).  They give both veteran sound splayer and neophyte noise mensch much to ponder and play with,  a well as a nearly infinite supply of intriguing modules.  The Eurorack format is certainly a less problematic starter kit for new modular enthusiasts,  as patches needn't be scrupulously saved after each session (Buchla is notorious for at least a partial tabula rasa each time a 200e is powered off).  There is also the issue of size.  Eurorack modules generally take up far less rack space than those well known,  pricier formats mentioned above,  while retaining excellent functionality.  Who says "bigger is better"?  My quickly evolving system now includes the following:

     TipTop Audio Station 252 Folding Case                   Circuit Abbey Gravity Well
WMD Gama Wave Source                                           MakeNoise Rene "Cartesian Sequencer
     Pittsburgh Modular Index VCA                                 Doepfer Envelope Generator A-140 ADSR
   The Harvestman Polivoks Filter                                 Doepfer A-143-3 LFO
Trogotronic Model 333 M Series Module                  Flight of Harmony Sound of Shadows
       Synthesis Technology Defector Shield                      Snazzy FX Dreamboat
Pittsburgh Modular Generator                                   Subconscious Communications LFO/Utility Osc
Synthetic Sound Labs Modulation Orgy                   Circuit Abbey Tripfire
       MakeNoise Wooglebug                                             The Harvestman Bionic Lester
Blue lantern Asteroid Bass Drum                             Toppobrillo Triple Wave Folder
    Blue Lantern The Mix

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