Sunday, April 29, 2012

THIS IS HOW WE DEFORM: Synthesis Technology e560 Deflector Shield

My recent infatuation with all things Eurorack has led me to many interesting modules,  but this one is certainly the current favorite.  As most art is generally about transformation,  of subject as well as viewer/ listener,  it seems that any tool that pushes that change or epiphany along is to be embraced.  In something as abstract as electronic music,  the challenge of producing,  modulating,  and structuring sounds without resorting to cliche or worse, the imitation of natural sounds or acoustic instruments, is where the expressiveness of this kind of module really excels.  The Deflector Shield ups the ante by giving the player a frequency shifter,  a phaser,  and a ring mod,  all very useful in the creation of a vast array of sounds,  and is especially responsive when controlled voltages and/or an LFO is applied to a signal.  I'm thinking that the Cloud Generator and the Morphing Terrarium,  also by Synthesis Technology,  would merit the same kind of serious attention.

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