Saturday, June 23, 2012


Brother ether^ra and I made our first joint visit to the latest in a group of modular synth hotspots in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. CONTROL is located on Lorimer Street,  a colorful working class neighborhood not yet touched by the unreasonable scale and visual "boiling" seen in other parts of Williamsburg.  Owners Darren and Jonas welcomed us to their tiny,  yet beautifully minimal environment.  Two Monorocket cases filled with various Eurorack modules invited active patching,  re-patching,  and listening.  Brands such as Synthesis Technology,  Malekko,  Manhattan Analog,  Doepfer,  Intellijel Designs,  Pittsburgh Audio,  4MS,  MakeNoise,  etc,  etc,  etc.  filled out those powered cases.  I left with a Morphing Dual LFO and the Cloud Generator by Synthesis Technology,  and a 4 HP mixer made by MA,  and with the knowledge that I'll be returning again very soon.  Best of luck with your wonderful new store,  Darren and Jonas.  The east coast can definitely use you.

             416 Lorimer Street                                      
             Brooklyn,  NY 11206                                             open 11AM -  8PM
                                                                                        closed Mondays

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