Thursday, July 26, 2012

MAGNIFIERS: NO REGRETS/Writings on Scott Walker

This compendium of articles is a welcome addition to the study of one of the few "popular" singer/songwriters that could reasonably be called an artist without flinching at the hubris of it all.  As edited by Rob Young,  these writings offer a compelling view of Scott's diversity,  featuring the words of Biba Kopf,  Damon Krukowski,  David Toop,  and many others.  Subjects include Scott's tenure with the Walker Brothers,  his foray into country music,  Scott 1-4,  his Brel fixation,  his radical later works like TILT and THE DRIFT,  and even his MOR "blunders"  like THE MOVIEGOER.  Taken in sum,  this is really a book about withdrawal and engagement on all levels:  emotional,  intellectual,  political,  and artistic.  From my point of view,  a must read.

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