Sunday, July 1, 2012

THIS IS HOW WE DEFORM: Analogue Systems EMS Synthi Trapezoid Generator

This quirky Eurorack module from Analogue Systems comes to us via designs by the folks at EMS (still a functional entity,  although production of their much lauded synths crawls at best),  and takes the envelope generator and VCA from the Synthi/VCS3 axis as its inspiration (no pin matrix needed).  Those two elements come together to form a flexible sound shaping tool.  This is not the standard ADSR,  as this envelope is comprised of the stages Attack/On/Decay/Off,  forming a trapezoidal shape.  The second section here is an integrated VCA,  which uses the voltages produced by the envelope to modify (deform)  the signals applied to it.  In lieu of my in presently ill Synthi AKS,  this bit of electrical geometry should provide a fine substitute.

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