Monday, September 17, 2012

THIS IS HOW WE DEFORM: Blue Lantern Asteroid Operator VCF

This is the latest bit of Euro-modular bling from our friend at Blue Lantern Modules,  and it's sure to get tongues wagging on Muffwiggler for one accusatory reason or another.  It is certainly the most advanced and expensive ($285) filter from a company that has made its name with quality modules (I quite like the Spacemoth VCF) at very reasonable prices.  There is a dizzying array of toggles,  inputs/outputs,  and knobs here,  and some may be put off by its garish purple face-plate,  quirky oversized knobs,  and general air of playfulness of the design.  I really like the readily identifiable design ethic and its eight (how great is that?) outputs.  It is also the first BL module to use the Blue Lantern Modules Header Converter Power Adaptor (Doepfer compatible) that apparently makes for less module to module bleed-through.  Besides the usual VCF features (plus),  a VCA section  is also included,  making this bit of machinery quite the monster.  All I need is my new Monorocket powered case to begin disturbing the neighbors in new and exciting ways.

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