Tuesday, October 23, 2012

OSCILLATIONS: L' Enfer Est Intime C-60

This 1985 cassette compilation from the French Le Syndicat  label presents an early look into the noise scene before software pirated spontaneity and emotion from the genre of "Industrial Music" and codified its angst.  Much here can be said to fit into the above "ism" and related areas such as  Power Electronics,  Noise,  and Rythmic Electronics,  as do the cliches inherent in those forms.  The packaging is certainly the highlight here,  presenting a consistency of imagery by artist Zorin,  whose depictions of female genitalia are lovingly realized in ink or black marker,  and give realization to a visual analogue to industrial music's use of extreme sounds,  prohibited subject matter,  and anything of a transgressive nature.  All in all,  this is a better than average collection of international artists (John, Duncan,  Controlled Bleeding,  Etant Donnes,  Le Syndicat,  Pacific 231,  etc.) whose experimental sounds later found homes on more established and more widely distributed labels. Ultimately the personal,  the primitive,  and  the dissonant are championed by this package,  and help us to believe that hell is indeed intimate.  As if we didn't already know.

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