Monday, October 1, 2012


Having recently divested myself of my last vintage drum machine (a Roland TR-55,  now on sale at CONTROL in Brooklyn),  I decided to add this handly little (4hp) Eurorack module to my system.  It's really quite a wonder considering its size and the eight (bass drum,  low tom,  high tom,  snare drum, wood block,  hand clap,  closed hi-hat,  open hi-hat) analogue drum sounds it faithfully produces with the help of clock source or sequencer. Delptronics has produced a winner here,  and I can't wait to check this out with my Make Noise Pressure Points/Brains combo.  BTW,  an expander is promised,  so stand by for more percussive fun from the "little drummer boy" module. Please be aware that this module requires a +5v connection for use in your rack or powered case.

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