Sunday, November 4, 2012

LOW ARCHITECTURE 3: Dammann Custom Bass

I suppose that,  as I've mentioned before, my reaction to nearly everything I come in contact with is based primarily on an object's physicality and yes,  "vibe".  Part of why I'm doing this blog is that it helps to organize my thoughts on some of those objects,  and come up with ways of seeing yet again.  The above instrument is another beautiful example of functional design,  where aesthetics meet new playing techniques.  Ralph Dammann of Dammann Custom Basses designed this bass to be played upright,  and in dong so,  produce less wrist strain, as well as expanded right hand technique.  The mahogany body's thick left side provides a built-in hand rest,  thus freeing the player's thumb from use as a pivot. And since most bassists do not use a pick,  all five fingers can be used,  much like a classical guitarist.  This bass is light weight, easy to play,  and a wonderful collision between Classical scrollwork and a modernist design mindset.  As Ralph Dammann would say,  "play Art".

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