Sunday, November 18, 2012

LOW ARCHITECTURE 4: Moses Vertical Jump Bass

By now,  I'm sure you all know that I'm attracted to modern design concepts rather than standard issue instruments,  and the above certainly fits into that area.  The "Vertical Jump"  bass,  also known as the Moses Graphite KP Series Upright Bass,  was designed by Steve Mosher  sometime in the Nineties.  It is nearly all neck,  and in this case,  a very stabile carbon fiber or graphite one.  Its real distinguishing feature is the long retractable horn that serves to balance the bass and to give the player a place to rest his right hand while playing. Its length also serves to extend the plucking zone for players with that disposition. While I'd prefer a 4-string model due to my rather small hands,  its beauty and utility are certainly not lost to me.

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