Thursday, January 17, 2013


Way back in the nineties I generally volunteered my services as a freelance artist/designer working for and with various musicians whose work could be described as "industrial" or "electronic" in nature.  In this series I will attempt to archive some of this work for both historical and personal reasons.  While I am proud of much of it,  some of the work could easily be tossed into an artistic ghetto I would term "industrial",  with all the ready cliches I would attach to it.  Above is an image I produced for a Fat Hacker 45 (photo collage, pencil, matte medium,  and xerox on board),  and whose inspiration  would certainly be the photo-collages of early twentieth century artists like Max Ernst and  John Heartfield,  whose response to the horrors of WWI are not likely to go unnoticed.  

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