Saturday, January 26, 2013


The above works are from the European release of DRY LUNGS V (1992),  a collection of noise artists from around the globe.  The American release on Subterranean Records utilized more readily grasped "industrial"  imagery (cow carcass,  butcher,  scattered teeth, etc.) by yours truly that was far less poetic than I would have hoped for. This double CD from the folks at Dark Vinyl presents two mixed-media pieces that I very much prefer for their ambiguity and lack of narrative cliche.  They were created with collage elements (some torn and slightly burned Renaissance imagery,  clinical line/number xerox directives from Masami Akita) and acrylic paint/ medium that were later sanded as part of the process. This was,  in my opinion,  the best of the series as far as the packaging and "music" are concerned.  The abstraction here carried over to the aural forms heard within,  while the imagery seemed like the late 20th century was in a mad rush to desecrate the past.

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