Thursday, January 31, 2013


I returned to abstraction with this series of paintings (acrylic on canvas, 16 and a half x 15 inches). These small works (1989-1990) were a respite from the much larger paintings I had been working on,  and seemed nearly monolithic in their simplicity compared to my earlier artistic exploits. Strangely enough,  I always felt comfortable teetering on the fence between realism and abstraction,  and felt  entirely reasonable in doing so.  They were later used for a Controlled Bleeding album called GAG that was being released by Materiali Sonori  from San Giovanni Valderno,  a quick train ride from Florence.   During our stay there, Giampiero Bigazzi of Materiali Sonori brought us to a very nice rustic ristorante (pasta with sugo di asparagi) while impressing us with both his driving skills and lack of concern for anyone's mortality,  yet did little to distract from what ultimately turned out to be the worse trip I've ever taken to Europe. Paintings:  Left ("Bystander"),  Right ("Gag")

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