Friday, February 22, 2013


These are three of the paintings I produced for Skin Chamber's second release called TRIAL (1993),  though only two of them were used in the final product.  They are quite textural to eye and  hand,  as I further explored the use of a palm sander on wood panel (7" x 7"). They are mixed-media works utilizing photo-collage,  acrylic paints and medium,  modeling paste, fire,  scrap paper,  drill as drawing device,  and pieces of metal.  The record label Roadrunner was dissatisfied with the pinkish hue of the front cover artwork,  so they cropped the edges considerably.  In keeping with the rather cliched imagery of "industrial" music where extreme ugliness and/or brutality equals profundity,  I basically tore the face apart,  distressed it,  then roughly reassembled it,  and further altered it with various tools and processes. With time and distance assisting my present opinion,  all I can come up with is a resounding yawn.  As painterly surfaces I very much like them.

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