Sunday, February 3, 2013


I was saddened to hear of the death of Ed Koch this past week,  as he seemed to epitomize the rough and tumble character of NYC during my early "adult"  years when I had been roaming the downtown streets both scared and seduced by the mayhem I witnessed.  That he was liberal,  approachable, and non-dogmatic made him more a character than a politician,  although he certainly helped rescue a city on the brink of both economic and social crisis.  He was never afraid to speak his mind.  I remember sitting in front of 420 West Broadway on a rather warm spring day, quite near to a guy who was openly smoking weed.  As luck would have it,  Mr. Koch and his small entourage turned on to West Broadway from Prince,  and as he neared us the pot smoker loudly asked "How'm I Doin'?".  Unflustered,  Mr. Koch answered "Great!" beaming a wonderful smile as continued walking.  He clearly didn't seem to mind anyone stealing his best lines.

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