Monday, May 6, 2013

PLACE: Wythe Hotel

My wife and I recently stayed at this Brooklyn hotel for a special occasion,  and in doing so may have created a new tradition,  but that's another story.  Given its proximity to NYC (a brief swim) and neighborhood charms (the northern end of Williamsburg),  it was a lovely stay.  It's located on  the outer fringes of the hipster swarm,  and retains the gritty charm of a former textile factory while giving its clients simple rooms filled with a kind of refined bohemian asceticism (high wood ceilings,  exposed woods columns,  poured cement floors, and simple,  but elegant furniture).  This is gentrification of a special sort,  as its brick facade preserves the overall funky look of the commercial neighborhood it echoes.  A good thing. BTW,  our view of the NYC skyline from the wall of windows in our room was incredible!

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