Thursday, July 18, 2013


This toy is indeed iconic to us oldsters,  and certainly suggests a kinder, gentler,  pre-digital mentality,  even while its name is synonymous with a fictitious disease aimed squarely at the opposite sex (STD,  anyone?).  The idea of actually manipulating brightly colored body parts to form a kind of Fauvist bug  may seem foreign to kids brought up glued to their IPhones,  but it's certainly what hooked me.  While I doubt that my brother and I ever actually played a game of Cootie,  it was the sheer joy of creating incongruous creatures as if in Dada parlor game that fascinated us.  Indeed,  my various Cootie creations may well be the only sculptures I will ever make,  as well as my only foray into  improvisational "jazz".  Go figure!?

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