Sunday, November 9, 2014


Like all Merzbow releases this 2002 CD has an air of mystery concerning its content within the context of  extreme noise.  In this case "Ikebukuro" refers to the commercial and entertainment district in Toshima,  Tokyo,  and in many respects may be one of Masami Akita's more measured,  composed,  dynamic,  musical,  and dare I say it,  entertaining CD releases. The "dada" part of the title probably indicates the sensibility at work here,  part playfully absurdist and part painfully serious in its presentation of our dystopian environment (a percentage of the profits from this release go to Chimp Haven). IKEBUKURO DADA was originally part of the MUTATIONS-SONIC CITY exhibition at the Arc en Reve Centre d' Architecture in Bordeaux,  France, which ran from November 2000 to March 2001. Its four tracks ("Big Foot (Mix 2)",  "Ikebukuro Dada Texture", "MB162.2" and "Passage") combine sampled sounds,  loops,  ambient elements, low-end pulses, caustic noise and even hints of melody within their sonic architecture. If you've never been bludgeoned by auditory frequencies or monumental rhythmic throbbing,  this is the taste of deafness you've been waiting for! WHAT?

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