Thursday, June 4, 2015


What Parker Tyler would term "plastic imagination" is in evidence in these films to varying degrees,  as are hints of the kind of melodrama one would associate with artist biopics. Fortunately there are documentaries and two fictional artists in this list as well. All are worth seeing.

1. THE HORSE'S MOUTH (1958) director: Ronald Neame

2. REMBRANDT (1936) director: Alexander Korda

3. CARAVAGGIO (1986) director: Derek Jarman

4. POLLACK (2000) director: Ed Harris

5. MR. TURNER (2014) director: Mike Leigh

6. BLANK CITY (2010) director: Celine Danhier

7. BASQUIAT (1996) director: Julian Schnabel

8. FRIDA (2002) director: Julie Taymor

9. HOW TO DRAW A BUNNY (2002) director: John W. Walter

10. PECKER (1998) director: John Waters

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