Monday, May 28, 2012

A MODULAR MECCA: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Well,  not so strangely enough,  Williamsburg is quickly becoming a destination for those who want a hands-on experience when shopping for modular gear,  especially Eurorack modules.  For those of us who have wandered Williamsburg's littered streets for many years,  MAIN DRAG MUSIC is an institution unto itself,  providing friendly service and a great selection of new and vintage gear (check out the recently arrived Moog Modular).  Now that they've taken the modular plunge (TipTop,  Malekko,  Doepfer, etc.),  my visits should be even more frequent (I dropped off a mint EDP Wasp yesterday on consignment).  A short walk from there,  in a funky mall space resides MeMe ANTENNA,  a potpourri of bric a brac,  modern design,  gifts,  and Eurorack modules.  Their selection is good and growing,  and the staff is very friendly... check them out in person and online.  The last and possibly best synth spot may just be C-O-N-T-R-O-L,  which will open in June. It promises to be a great walk-in experience.  Check them out on Twitter for now.  Finally,  with these three outlets,  modular synthesis will finally meet the feet on the  street.

                 MAIN DRAG MUSIC:  330 Wythe Ave.  #1E,  Brooklyn,  NY  11211
                                                        (718)  388-6365

                 MeMe ANTENNA:  218 Bedford Ave.  Brooklyn,  NY  11249
                                                      (347)  223-4219

                 C-O-N-T-R-O-L:  416 Lorimer St.  Brooklyn,  NY  11206


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  1. hey there, pretty sure the address for CONTROL is 416 Lorimer, not 46 Lorimer. just FYI!