Monday, May 28, 2012


I recently picked up Blue Underground's Blu-ray edition of DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS (1971),  and found it to be  more visually compelling than any earlier DVD edition.  It has improved color and clarity,  and blacks no longer seem pixelated.  All of this would mean nothing without the strong script,  great cinematography,  and wonderful performances by all involved.  The ravishingly beautiful Delphine Seyrig (LAST YEAR IN MARIENDBAD) has an erotic aura here without ever taking off a stitch,  and brings the vampire film into new areas of both vulnerability and sensuality.  Her entrance into the proceedings is simply wonderful in its mystery and eroticism,  her swollen red lips emerging from a black veil amidst the shadows of her car.  She portrays the Countess Elizabeth Bathory,  whose quest for a fresh lesbian consort leads her to a newly married couple,  and that's where the fun begins.  The pace of this amazing bit of Euro-horror may seem overly slow at times,  but it will eventually suck you in (pun intended... sorry).  And remember:

                         "Don't let the sunlight find you,  or you may fade and die."

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