Monday, July 16, 2012

Blue TZ VCO Source Confirmed?

Follow-up to the BLUE ZTVCO DRY DEMO & Surrounding Controversy post.

via Ian Fritz on Muffs:

"Here is an illustration of the Blue Lantern Blue VCO, with inked-in sections indicating the correspondence of this circuit to the Teezer Thru-Zero VCO. For the VCO core and sync sections, the two circuits are virtually identical. The only notable difference is the trivial substitution of an LM13700 OTA, along with substitution of low-performance op amps. Otherwise, circuit topology and component values are exactly identical, even down to and including the number and values of all bypass capacitors.

As discussed before, the +/- 5V supplies were taken from Rene's TZ VCO. They consist of three-terminal power supply regulators, rather than the precision reference components of the Teezer. Otherwise, the multiple power supply voltages are derived exactly as in the Teezer. The waveshapers -- external to the core -- are a different design.

Hope this helps clarify matters regarding the Blue Lantern "design". I hate to be still beating on this, but we are still hearing negative comments from the skeptics.

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