Monday, July 16, 2012

TROUBLE?: Blue Lantern ZTVCO

In keeping with a string of accusations concerning copyright infringement/cloning against Blue Lantern's head honcho,  this new oscillator further fans familiar flames of design theft even without the benefit of schematics or reverse engineering.  Both  Elby Design's Ian Fritz and the ever fallacious Cynthia (she probably shouldn't throw herself into the fray considering her history with the ZOe,  as I'm still waiting for mine after $1800 spent and a year and a half of frustration) of Cyndustries have a stake here,  although nothing meaningful has come from their accusations/statements.  Some retail outlets are afraid to sell this "through zero"  oscillator for fear of legal fallout,  which seems reasonable to me.  I bought mine directly from Blue Lantern's Ebay store and will report on its performance at a later date. I, myself can't wait for someone to read and compare schematics!  But before that verdict is in,  if it ever is,  I must laud Blue Lantern for providing us with a ZTVCO at an affordable price and easy availability.

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