Saturday, August 4, 2012

MIRACLE: Cyndustries ZOe Mk. II

After more than and year and a half (since my payment in full),  Cynthia has finally delivered the Zeroscillator Mk. II to disgruntled buyers who've been waiting three years plus in some cases.  I was assured by a friend that she always delivers,  but as months and months slipped by,  I became less than hopeful.  Misinformation circulated,  usually created by Cynthia herself,  that helped fuel anger without presenting anything definitive... hope limped on.  Well,  somehow mine arrived a day ago,  and it looks beautiful!  Its depth has been greatly reduced (to a more reasonable One and a half inches),  so placement is no longer an issue.  Now let's see how this Mk. II drives.  A full chronology to follow.

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