Saturday, August 4, 2012

MIRACLE Part 2: A ZOe Chronology

MARCH 15,  2011:  Payment in full,  followed by the emails from Cynthia,  excerpts below...

MARCH 30,  2011:  "Your Zoe will not be ready for several weeks."

APRIL 29,  2011:  "Running a few weeks late."

JULY 16,  2011:  "We're running a little late,  but almost there... we'll have them fulfilled by           August."    
JULY 23,  2011:  "Should be shipping in three weeks."

SEPT 12,  2011:  "Ten days before we ship."

SEPT 26,  2011:  We're two weeks away."

Many of my emails to Cynthia were not responded to all.  For the last few months,  someone named "Louise" fielded questions in a much more business-like way.  She promised and delivered the ZOe Mk. II with only a minor delay during her watch. Could "Louise" have been the new, improved Cynthia?  Who knows? On August 3, 2012 my ZOe finally arrived at my doorstep,  only seventeen months after paying in full.  


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