Monday, October 15, 2012


You must keep in mind that generally speaking,  my appreciation of nearly any object is based on one thing,  the multitude of visual qualities that comprise that object. Was it the German Existential philosopher Heidigger that said  "the beautiful is that which pleases apart from concept"?  It is this phenomenological approach that first seduces me,  starting with the materials and their inherent qualities, and fnally the forms they take.  I was recently moving things around in my studio and decided I really must check out some of my instruments,  first my Zon Hyperbass (another wonderful design),  and then my custom made Spalt Matrix Bass,  a kind of Constructivist/Surrealist hybrid. The Matrix is a kind of sculpture that produces a wide variety of bass frequencies when played,  but can safely be said to satisfy its aesthetic conerns without producing a sound.

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