Wednesday, March 20, 2013

FOR SALE: EML 200 at CONTROL in Brooklyn

My EML 200 modular will be up for grabs at CONTROL in Brooklyn within a week or two.  It is one of the first commercially available modular synthesizers  (1969-1980),  and was produced in a small run of four hundred.  Hence time has made this a very rare instrument indeed.  The EML 200 was used to great effect by Alan Ravenstein of Pere Ubu on their earliest releases,  where the use of textural noise ingeniously insinuated itself into experimental pop glory. The instrument is in excellent shape throughout,  and contains the following:
                                                   2 oscillators
                                                   High and low pass filters
                                                   2 ring modulators
                                                   LFO w/ sample and hold
                                                   Stereo panning capability
                                                   Envelope generator
                                                   Spring reverb

Its 31 knobs and 60 patch points make for some great sound synthesis with a strong vintage mojo.  It comes with a xeroxed manual and a multitude of quarter inch patch cables (at least twenty). Call (347) 699-2875 for more info.

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