Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The TESTAMENT LP (1988) was the brainchild of Ron Lessard of RRRecords,  a Massachusetts based noise conglomeration whose mail order branch claimed much of my hard-earned money.  Ron also released cassettes by seminal noise artists like Merzbow,  as well as producing harsh noise through his own recording project Emil Beaulieau.  Ron was a likeable guy,  so when he approached me to work on various design projects,  I jumped at the chance.  I believe that TESTAMENT was his first 12" vinyl release,  and provided a showcase for various international sound projects and visual artists (Illusion of Safety,  Swimming Behavior of the Human Infant,  Massimo Toniutti,  Randy Greif, John Wiggins, etc.).  Strangely enough,  the project's visual editor lived about two blocks away from me at the time,  making consultation,  editing,  and drinking much easier (remember this was before the internet was THE tool for communication/exchange of ideas).  The cover is a 12" by 12" acrylic painting on illustration board (present whereabouts unknown).  I later did a very similar painting for a Controlled Bleeding vinyl single. The outlet and plug drawing was made to accompany John Wiggins' "Love Song of the Neo-Media" track and manifesto.  The album-sized booklet and LP fit into a clear vinyl wallet (shades of Captain Beefheart's CLEAR SPOT LP),  making this beautiful alternative release more than a noisy curiosity.  Note:  Testament was also available as a rather grand box set.

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